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London: the Autobiography изображение обложки

Издательство: Constable & Robinson, 2013 г.
Корректор: Манаенко Анисим Константинович
Оформитель: Перелкин Владилен Дмитриевич
Формат: txt, fb2, pdf
Страниц: 945
Размер: 0,21 Мб

Аннотация к книге: London: the Autobiography.

In "London: The Autobiography" the life of the capital is told, for the first time, by those who made it and saw it at first hand. From Roman times to the 21st century, Londoners and visitors to the city have recounted the extraordinary events, everyday life and character of this unique and influential city - from politics, culture, sport, religion, and reportage. This book brings to vivid life the human trial of the capital including invasions by the Vikings, the brutal execution of Sir Thomas More, the sight of a whale swimming up the Thames and the rebuilding of St Paul's by Sir Christopher Wren, as well as the everyday life of the city. It includes contributions from George Orwell, Martin Amis, Dr Johnson, Karl Marx, Winston Churchill, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Virginia Woolfe, George Melly, Tacitus, Samuel Pepys, and many others. Packed with personality and character, this book is a must-buy for anyone interested in London as well as a wonderful story of the city at the heart of the nation. Praise for Jon E Lewis: 'A triumph' - Saul David, author of "Victoria's Army". 'Harrowing, funny and often unbelievable book' - "Daily Express" '[A] compelling tommy's eye view of war from Agincourt to Iraq' - "Daily Telegraph".

London: the Autobiography

London: the Autobiography

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airgraff   (19.09.2017 22:21)
Спасибо, все скачалось.

Ладошки   (18.09.2017 10:02)
Спасибо за то, что есть книги, которые принимают и пускают в свой мир! Жаль, что не все их читают. Со мной они уже 20 лет.

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